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Customer service

Extracts from the Archives

Extracts from the Archives

Retrace the origins of your timepiece

To trace the origin of antique timepieces crafted by the Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture, our Heritage Service can issue an Archive Extract at your request based on the details you supply. Signed by our antique timepiece expert, these high-quality official documents are an actual duplicate of the documents held in the Jaeger-LeCoultre Archives. They contain information about the timepieces referred to in your request (date of manufacture, description, references, origin, etc.).
To enable us to perform such a search on your behalf, we require quality photographs of your timepiece and its movement, along with the numbers engraved on the back of the watch and on the movement itself. To access the movement, we recommend you have your watch opened by a highly qualified watchmaker or an approved Jaeger-LeCoultre dealer.
Please note that each search carries a fee, of 250 CHF, payable in advance. This is to pay for the work carried out by our antique timepiece expert and cannot therefore be reimbursed, even in the event that the search is not successful. The document itself is not subject to a charge. Archive Extracts will be drawn up for timepieces in our archives and sent within three months of payment.
Extracts from the Archives are written in English. They do not take the current state of the timepieces into account and cannot be deemed certificates of authenticity.
Consequently, they may not be used when presented together with a timepiece as certification of its authenticity. If you wish to know the market value of your timepiece, we recommend that you contact a reputable auction house, such as Christie's, Antiquorum or Sotheby's.

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